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Ben Henriksson begun selling fish at the spring of 1988 by travelling around in a van.  At first fish was sold in Ruotsinpyhtää and the neighboring municipalities. The majority of the produce was herring. Soon after small fishstore and a smokehouse were built in an old saltwarehouse located in Markkinamäki, Ahvenkoski.

1990 Ben and Disa Henriksson founded the Strömfors Fisk Oy (Ltd) and the status of sole proprietor was changed to a company. During summer times business was lively due to summer cottagers. In 1993 major changes started happening when the russian tourists started travelling with busses. Due to the russian fondness for fish in 1994 there could be hundreds of russian tourists outside the store waiting to buy fish.

1994 Ben and Disa founded two new companies Ruukin kala Oy and Ahvenkosken kalasavustamo Oy. Ruukin kala Oy acted in fish wholesales and it's production premises were in Ruotsinpyhtää's Ruukki area. Ahvenkosken kalasvustamo (fish smokehouse) acted in retailsales in Ahvenkoski. Strömfors Fisk Oy became a holding company.

1995 even more russian tourists visited the store. At the time the fishstore employed several workers. 1996 Strömfors fisk Oy begun the construction of a new fish refinery in Ruotsinpyhtää's Tesjoki. The new foundry was completed in january 1997 and it was rented to Ruukin kala Oy.

1997 a new fish store was built in Tesjoki next to the foundry. Ben named the new store after his wife Disa, Disa's Fish. At the same year Tsaarin terassi Oy was also founded.

In the begining of 21st century Ruukin kala Oy sales were blooming. Fish was processed and sold by hundreds of thousands of kilograms per year. Ben was the head of wholesales employing around ten workers, Disa ran Disa's Fish store next door.

2002 Ben and Disa received a local entrepreneur award and in 2003 they were granted national youngentrepreneur award. In the same year Ruukin Kala bought Kuusisen Kala Oy business and name from Jyrki Lindermark and started using the name Kuusisen Kala.

Ahvenkosken Kalasavsutamo Oy retailsales, Ruukin Kala Oy wholesales and Kuusisen Kala Oy name was sold to Jyrki Lindermark and Martti Tepponen who were employees at Ruukin Kala Oy in the fall of 2003.

2004 Fisherman's Food Oy was founded. They had fish fastfood restaurants in Porvoo, Tesjoki and Lappeenranta. Fisherman's Adventures is focused on delivering experiences on the sea and cruises.

Today Fisherman's Food has a shops in Lapinjärvi next to road 6 and Loviisa's Ahvenkoski. Ben goes out fishing every day to catch fresh fish. In the shop in Lapinjärvi there is also a cafeteria and a smokehouse where you can enjoy salmonsoup and other delicious fish foods.

Fisherman´s Adventures offers experiences on the sea, fishing trips and cruises. Housing includes Ruhtinas (Duke/Prince) villa and the cottage on the island of Sandholm. There is also salmon fishing in the fish oasis of  Ahvenkoski.

Our business revolves around fish and fishing so we offer our customers delicious fish products and various kinds of fishing and seacruise packages including  accommondation with sauna.

Ben and Disa Henriksson are the couple behind the Fisherman's concept.

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Disa Henriksson
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Ben Henriksson
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